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How to get the renovation of your dreams

Have you ever stood in a room that you want to renovate and realised you had no idea what direction you should go? Or finished a project only to wish you had done things differently? People often think of interior design as the step after you’ve got the structure of a room or house completed. Think again.

Interior design is so much more than making a room look pretty. It’s about creating functional rooms that are considered and styled for those using the space. Involving an interior designer at the beginning of a project will ultimately save you time, money and stress. Leaving you with the room of your dreams.

Here’s why:

You get a plan: the project starts with a clear vision of what the function of the room is, how you want to feel in that room, who will be using it and what style you’re aiming for. Having this clear vision at the very beginning makes future decision making easier (and reduces stress levels!).

You find your style: starting a renovation without understanding the style you’re after can lead to a finish that you’re not happy with. Involving your interior designer at this beginning stage will help you define a style that best suits your space and is meaningful to you. A space that makes you happy.

You get industry insight: did you know that joinery can take 9 weeks to arrive? Imagine finding this out when you are almost ready to install and realise that your project won’t be completed anytime soon. Having someone on your side with an understanding of supplier timelines is essential for ensuring you have what you need, when you need it.

Your design is fit for purpose: the positioning and type of windows, the size of doors, wall bracings etc call impact how a room can be styled and used. For major renovation projects, having an interior designers eye across architectural plans will ensure these details are considered.

You start with the right colours: many people don’t realise just how early they need to select colours. For example aluminum joinery needs to be ordered at the beginning of a renovation and the colour you choose will set the scene for the house. Starting your project with a defined style will ensure that at every step the colours are selected with a particular finish in mind.

You get connected: A good interior designer knows who does what in this industry and connects clients with suppliers who can best meet their needs. These relationships can lead to better deals, quicker turnarounds and you finishing with the best product to suit your space and budget.

A renovation project can be daunting with so many things to plan and make decisions on. Having an expert on your team from the beginning ensures your new space is meaningful and reflects your style, and that you get to this result as smoothly as possible.

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