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Spotlight on window furnishings

Curtains are the window furnishings that can instantly transform a room. It could be a splash of colour or pattern to liven a space, or a luxurious fabric to create a sophisticated mood.

I love beautiful fabrics and textures so it’s only fitting that I would be so passionate about window furnishings and sharing my words of wisdom on the topic.

Function - why do you need window furnishings?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing window furnishings is the function of the room and which type would best suit. For example, you wouldn’t put a luxurious heavy curtain in a kitchen, instead you may consider roman blinds, venetians or sun shades.

Curtains, roman blinds, venetians, shutters or roller sun shades are all different types of window furnishings.

Window furnishings have three main purposes:

  1. To keep in warmth

  2. To be decorative

  3. To provide privacy

The type you choose will depend on the overall look and functionality of a space, and whether you want to restyle or complement an existing decor.

Set the mood with style

Just like clothing, curtain styles follow fashion trends. This year we’ve seen an increase in popularity for taffeta, velvets and florals. Showing a move towards looks that evoke sophistication and glamour.

The heavy velvets are ideal for creating a cosy ambience with a nod to vintage glamour; whereas the crisp taffeta with its luxurious appearance of iridescent silk is perfect for exotic styling.

Another trend we’re seeing is a complete opposite to the opulent fabrics mentioned earlier - neutrals. The use of linen weaves with texture are a popular choice for clients wanting a lightweight, floaty, contemporary feel. The neutrality of these curtains allow flexibility with other furnishings in the room such as duvet covers and cushions.

The options for furnishing styles are endless with high fashion options to timeless classics. Beautiful textures and weaves, and patterns to suit any taste.

An investment

My biggest piece of advice to clients is to choose quality and consider your window furnishings as an investment. Take the time to choose wisely and opt for top quality workrooms. You’ll be rewarded with a great look that will stay looking good for years to come.

As with any investment you need to protect your window furnishings. Consider double glazing or add a top quality protective film to your windows. This will reduce the risk of fading and damaging the fabric. Also keep curtains off your windows during the day with fittings that allow them to be pulled back completely.

Consider blackout lining to reduce light, and interlining to provide additional warmth and volume to curtains and roman blinds.

Get expert advice

With window furnishings being a significant investment it is important to get good advice. I work with my clients to find the perfect solution with guidance on style, patterns and fabrics, and ensure they get a top quality finish from suppliers.

Now is a great time to start looking at window furnishings to get a fresh new look for 2020. Contact me today at or call me on 021 610 752.

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