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Style tips for brightening your spaces

Do you have a space in your home that you want to add more style and interest to? I often get asked for tips on how to brighten a space without renovating, and I love showing how soft furnishings and wallpaper can really change the feel of a room. You’d be amazed at the difference small changes can make.

In this blog, I will share with you my top tips for how you can embrace the current style trends and update a space so that it inspires and excites you.


A gorgeous wallpaper is a fantastic way to liven up a room and make it more interesting, without the need to repaint. You could do the full room, or just one wall to make a statement. People are loving patterned wallpapers in bedrooms, especially those with deep colours like teal and shades of plum and crimson. For a touch of luxe and glamour hang wallpaper behind your bed, add a velvet headboard, complimentary bedding and lots of cushions.

Don’t be afraid to add a subtle pattern behind artwork. People often think that you can only have either artwork or wallpaper but I encourage you to consider both. A subtle texture or patterned wallpaper can really make the artwork pop on the wall.

One of our favourite trends is statement wallpapers in powder rooms. It turns a simple space into something quite special. When complemented with metal tapware such as gold or gunmetal and matching tiles - the effect is stunning.

Bed linen and cushions

There is something quite lovely and restful about a bed with beautiful linen. Anyone who has worked with me on a bedroom design knows that I absolutely love bed linen and cushions. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be an inviting space that leaves you feeling relaxed and content.

Updating your bed linen is a great way to add interest to a room if you’re not into bold wallpaper and enables you to embrace the current pattern and colour trends. A statement duvet combined with a textured wallpaper is ideal for a master bedroom, add a beautiful rug, throw and ottoman to finish off the look.

If a bold pattern duvet is not your style, consider gorgeous linen with a textured finish. There are options for every taste, from soft shades of sage, duck egg, rose, greys and neutral colours, to bolder shades of teal, navy, gold and green.

Cushions are another great way to incorporate the current trends but in a more subtle way. Choose two euro pillows for the back, in front of these use two standard pillows in different but complementary colours, then add a square cushion or lumbar cushion in the front to create some dimension. The effect of lots of complimentary bed cushions is luxurious and sophisticated, it’s cosy and calm and you can just melt into them at the end of the day.

Another style trend we are loving at the moment for bedrooms or living spaces is sheepskin! Drape a sheepskin over the end of your bed or chair as a throw, or use it as a rug to instantly soften the room and add a touch of opulence. There is nothing more comforting than sinking into a soft luxurious sheepskin!

Outdoor furniture

Warm summer evenings are almost upon us and that presents the opportunity to refresh your outdoor entertaining area. Everyone loves a beautiful space to enjoy the summer weather, yet decks and outdoor living spaces are often forgotten about when it comes to styling.

The wicker and cane look is very on-trend this summer and gives an organic feel. Furniture in this style is available in everything from sofas, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables and swing chairs. Another popular look for outdoor furniture is sleek timber style sofas, offering a modern look that is effortlessly stylish.

If you already have outdoor furniture that you love, consider adding a rug or cushions to add some splashes of colour and pattern. There are beautiful options for outdoor rugs that are ideal for use on decks or lounging next to pools and they range from bold patterns through to soft textured colours.

Finding beautiful pieces for your home

Let Inside Storey help you find the perfect finishing touches for your home. We have access to an incredible range of stylish furniture, soft furnishings and bedlinen from brands that we adore. This means that once you’ve chosen the design for your space, we can order everything you need to bring the look to life. You’ll love how these changes will make you feel about your space.

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Bed with blue floral bedspread and panelled wall and Bed with pink velvet head board and gold patterned wallpaper is Bianca Lorenne, Teal bed with flower wallpaper and Grey linen bed with grey patterned wallpaper is MM Linen, Rugs are Malcolm Fabrics and Mulberi, Black chair with sheepskin is BONZ Queenstown, Outdoor Furniture is Artwood Outdoor Collection from JI Home.

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