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Create a productive work space at home

If you’re working from home and feel like your home office is not inspiring productivity, this is a must-read blog for you.

Whether you have a dedicated home office or a little nook in the corner of a room, you can apply the following tips to create a space that is functional and inviting.

I go by the four S’s concept of - space, storage, set up and style. Considering each of these points will enable you to work smarter, not harder.

Space and Set up

First of all, think about who is going to use this space and how. This is about functionality and ensuring that your office set up is practical. Things to consider are whether more than one person will be using the space and what they need for their work (i.e. multiple screens, clear table space or a place to make video calls).

Location: Ideally a home office should not be in a bedroom or near a TV. However in the current circumstances, use the best space that you have available. Choose a space with natural light and near a window. You will feel better for working in a space that is light and airy.

Ergonomics: Being conscious of correct positioning while working is essential for reducing the risk of

strain and injury. Your desk should be deep enough to allow for your computer screen to be an arms length away, the top of your screen should be eye level and your feet flat on the floor while seated.


Tidy space, tidy mind! If your desk is messy it can be difficult to feel motivated and stay focused. The minimalist approach is best and I recommend spending 10 minutes a week decluttering and filing. This will give you the freedom to move and work as you need.

For your work essentials, consider storing them in labelled storage boxes, bookshelves, cubes or filing cabinets. Get creative and find a solution that suits you.


Make this a space you want to be in by adding things that inspire you. Consider what mood you want to create and personalise your area with things you love. This could be a painting on the wall, photographs, framed inspirational quotes or a stylish calendar or wall planner.

Colours: If you are painting your home office walls, choose warm colours over greys to create a calming environment.

Dress the room: Make your space inviting with beautiful curtains, introduce a rug, add some stylish desk accessories or plant.

Here at Inside Storey we love creating beautiful and functional home office spaces. Contact Litsa Jackson on 021 610 752 or email to be one step closer to your dream home office.

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