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The Art of Styling Furnishings

Some people simply have a knack for knowing how to make things look good. This rings true for my friend Sarah Hrstich who has recently joined Inside Storey as a Style Consultant.

Since our school days I have always admired her style, taste in art and nicknacks, and how she pulled it all together in a way that looked amazing. Sarah has a true eye for placement and how ornaments, frames, furnishings and furniture are best presented.

The styling of items in a room is an art and an area that a lot of people want advice on. With Sarah’s expert eye we now provide another area of service which is focused on showing people how to make things look nice in their space.

Our styling service is for people who want a new look but don’t know how to do it.  A good example is where a person has a bookshelf that lacks inspiration. It does the job but doesn’t evoke “happiness”. With a bit of repositioning of existing items and the addition of a few new pieces recommended by Sarah, the bookshelf goes from being boring to a point of interest.

This new styling service enables clients to spice up existing items to add more colour, make a space feel more modern or to change the look of a room. It is ideal for people who have no idea where to start, what style they like and how to go about making the most of what they have. And for all the new items, Sarah provides a helpful shopping list or does the shopping for you.

Fall in love with a fresh new look by booking a styling consultation today.

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